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An agile, sprint-based, scalable methodology to identify, validate, and quickly execute bold ideas and groundbreaking innovations.

Bold ideas

Bold ideas create new categories and shake up dormant markets. We are good at finding the next breakthrough idea and leveraging early validation research as a force multiplier.

Strategic approach

Human-centric design is a time-tested North Star. A winning strategic approach can shift market dynamics, altering and reinvigorating the competitive landscape.


Leverage the power of disruption. Capture significant market share, while established companies falter. Define your next-level ideas via a Growth Edge workshop.

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A potent tool for business acceleration

Identify the right market opportunity

Accelerate the creation of products and services by blending rigorous research with innovative practices, ensuring they are primed for market introduction.

Make a case for funding or budget

Leverage deep market insights to identify and develop offerings that meet consumer needs, enhancing competitiveness and driving business growth. Adopt an insight-driven approach to uncover valuable product propositions and market opportunities.

Create a rapid prototype

Utilize insights and rapid prototyping methods to develop and refine products and services. This approach ensures offerings are continuously improved and aligned with market demands, accelerating time to market and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Evaluate customer acquisition cost

Understanding the right metric helps businesses optimize marketing strategies, allocate resources more effectively, and improve overall profitability by targeting the most cost-effective channels and tactics for customer.

Define the product or service

Initiate product or service by pinpointing and crafting offerings that address consumer demands. This approach enhances competitiveness and drives business expansion, effectively aligning with market needs.

Establish success metrics

Embrace an insight-driven strategy to reveal valuable product propositions and identify the right path to success. This method focuses on utilizing deep market insights to identify and exploit areas for innovation and growth.

Proven Outcomes

At Loft, our Growth Edge methodology

eliminates guesswork in innovation

, guiding companies to invest wisely in viable market opportunities. Experience a faster path to a validated product or service through our proven blend of research and creative practices before market commitment.

Fast Timeframes

The Growth Edge process not only shortens the innovation cycle but also

aligns product development closely with market needs

, increasing the chances of successful deployment and adoption. Engagement sprints typically are 2 - 4 weeks based on team size and industry.

De-risk and streamline your innovation cycles

Redesign or streamline business processes

Disrupt long-established industries

Assess market readiness for digital transformation

Identify opportunities to improve the customer experience.

Ready to find your Growth Edge?


In under two months, the modest and agile endeavor with Loft Design evolved into one of the most pivotal initiatives within Trek Bicycles. These highly organized sprints ingeniously merged innovative ideas with existing company initiatives, identifying tactical and strategic pursuits to prototype and scale. The impact of Loft's work has made an enormous impression on Trek's executive leadership, who eagerly anticipate taking advantage of the tech-enabled innovation opportunities identified in our partnership with Loft Design.


Mio Suzuki

Director of Advanced Technologies, Trek Bicycles


Loft helped us design and launch our Aurora protein characterization product in record time. Not only are they an experienced, agile design partner but they also added style to the design that catches eyes on the lab bench and at tradeshows!


Dennis Merrill

COO, RedShiftBio


Gregor, working on this project with LOFT was a blast. Your design inspired the next products in the line and played a (hard to measure, but certainly real) part in their success.


Frédéric Brun

Owner and President, Arturia

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