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The increasing adoption of AI technology and emerging applications are reshaping customer expectations at an exponential pace. Trek Bicycles, at the forefront of this evolution, continues as an industry leader in product innovation and cycling experiences through data-driven product design and predictive analytics. By embracing the advantages of AI-driven human-machine interfaces, they are accelerating their mission of getting more people on bikes.





Since 2021, Trek’s Advanced Technology (ADVT) team has executed dozens of pilots company-wide, helping to integrate AI technology and data-driven decisions into their product development processes and portfolio strategy. To amplify their momentum, ADVT required an executive-level innovation roadmap and communication strategy showcasing the value of their contributions and their crucial role in Trek’s customer-centric product design and business model innovation.


To meet ADVT's accelerated timeline of immediate and tangible goals, Loft implemented its Growth Edge™ agile design methodology. Through tailored sprints and collaborative workshops, Loft demystified highly complex and technical concepts and introduced agile concept generation techniques. Loft’s partnership empowered ADVT to identify tactical and strategic business and product innovation opportunities that harnessed machine learning, deep learning, and generative AI.


In under two months, the modest and agile endeavor with Loft evolved into one of the most pivotal initiatives within Trek Bicycles, igniting crucial AI dialogues throughout the company. The Growth Edge toolkit provided ADVT with a communication strategy highlighting the correlation between technological investments, product innovation, and business growth potential, ultimately illustrating the significance of ADVT's ability to apply AI in shaping the trajectory of Trek's business.

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“The impact of Loft's work has made an enormous impression on Trek's executive leadership, who eagerly anticipate the ability to take advantage of the tech-enabled innovation opportunities identified in our partnership with Loft Design."

Mio Suzuki, Director of ADVT and Trek's AI Center of Excellence

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A Powerhouse in Product Design

Trek Bicycles, a trailblazer in the micro-mobility industry, consistently sets the benchmark for innovation and quality. Renowned for its advanced cycling technologies and cutting-edge design, Trek stands as a beacon of superior craftsmanship and dedication to enhancing the cycling experience for riders of all levels.

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