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Sensory Percussion Sound System

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Evans & Sunhouse team up with Loft to develop the platform for performance drummers of the future.



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Loft was challenged with creating a system that supercharges an acoustic drum kit, allowing drummers to produce sounds and textures that respond to the nuance of their unique playing style in a way that no electronic drum kit or trigger system has been able to do. Professional and inspired performers have always been disappointed in electronic drums, as they fall short in the nuances of conventional drums and lack the freedom of expression that analog instruments offer.


Sunhouse, Evans, and Loft created an all-in-one Sensory Percussion System, utilizing the expertise of each company. The platform includes Evans drums sensors and the Evans Portal, an audio interface designed for drummers. The Evans Drum Sensor’s versatile design securely clamps to any style of hooped drum, whether it’s a snare, tom, or bass drum. Evans Portal has 7 drum sensor inputs as well as other inputs for equipment such as synths, microphones, and guitars, making it a workhorse for studio or stage.


By adopting the latest advances in machine learning, music information retrieval, and signal processing Sensory Percussion makes products to empower musicians, not replace them. Sensory Percussion™ is a patented system for drummers that transforms an acoustic instrument into a powerful controller for digital music making. Sensory Percussion™ gives drummers the ability to control electronics with their drumsticks, opening up a completely new avenue for creativity and music making.

Sensory Percussion is a revolutionary creative tool spanning both software and hardware. In order to create a streamlined user experience, Loft designed the sensor hardware and Sensory Percussion program to be seamlessly integrated, complete with a training program to calibrate the sensors and software to your unique drum set.

Prepare for launch

Loft supported Evans in achieving a seamless product launch by creating high quality visualizations of the entire Sensory Percussion product ecosystem, including all the product renderings above.

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