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Symphony Concert Digital Piano

A Williams Symphony Concert digital Piano on concrete background
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Williams set out to build a digital grand piano for home users looking for a stunning, versatile instrument with great sound but without all the fuss.



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People who enjoy playing piano at home traditionally must spend at least $10,000 for a grand piano. Williams wanted to create a piano that combines the appearance of a contemporary grand piano with the versatility and sound of a top-of-its-class digital piano. With this in mind, Loft had to design a contemporary, timeless piano, using premium lacquered wood construction. The housing needed to support best-in-class sound and a full-featured interface, without looking like an electronic instrument.


The Symphony Concert is Williams' premium full-size 88-note hammer action digital concert piano. With 172 sounds, users can play virtually any instrument at the touch of a button. Its 256-note polyphony provides plenty of playing depth and realism, which is especially ideal for more complicated passages or orchestrations. The Symphony Concert features carefully selected materials that combine a classic look and timeless proportion with sleek, jet-black minimal accents.


The Symphony Concert’s contemporary design combines the piano's modern features with a classic, timeless design language. Owners will want to show off the piano in their homes instead of storing it away when they have guests. The Symphony Concert comes complete with piano lessons. Learn at your own pace, or from real instructors via the integrated app. The Symphony Concert is a lifetime investment for expert players and aspiring students alike.

A person playing the Symphony Concert Piano with a close up view of the keys and the features on the product
Image courtesy of Williams
A view of the Williams Symphony Concert digital Piano set up to be used
A view of the Williams Symphony Concert digital Piano in a closed position
A close up view of the wooden details and the speaker grill in the piano
A close up view of the wooden details and the speaker grill in the piano
Images courtesy of Williams
Elevating the learning experience

The full-color LEDs along the keybed highlight which notes to play during lessons and give feedback on wrong notes

Interactive touch screen on the piano
Image courtesy of Williams

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