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At Loft we don’t believe there is a universal approach for helping leaders solve their innovation and design challenges. We are a seasoned group of strategists, designers and engineers that distill the complex, find opportunity in the unknown and create products and services that deliver next level growth for organizations.

Loft enables leaders to create the future today -  to advance further than ever before, to new realms of success and elevate their products, experiences and brands to new heights.

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How to leverage the right Visual Brand Language Strategy for Growth

Despite the tightening of capital markets, 2023 is projected to be a successful year for mergers and acquisitions, with a 10% to 15% increase in activity. Companies are proactively making strategic

May 10, 2023

Pawsitively Creative

Last month, Loft teamed up with Figma and Providence UX Meetup to host the first-ever PVD UX workshop.

May 9, 2023

Interview with Bob Wopperer, Division Vice President, Sales and Business Development at AMETEK Spectro Scientific

AMETEK Spectro Scientific is a global leader in providing analytical instruments and software for industrial fluids analysis. We caught up with Bob, who is busy structuring Spectro’s strategic

May 9, 2023