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Next level insights, partnership, results … that’s the Loft way.

At Loft we don’t believe there is a universal approach for helping leaders solve their innovation and design challenges. We are a seasoned group of strategists, designers and engineers that distill the complex, find opportunity in the unknown and create products and services that deliver next level growth for organizations.

Loft enables leaders to create the future today -  to advance further than ever before, to new realms of success and elevate their products, experiences and brands to new heights.

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Data-Enhanced Design Thinking

Long before we lived in a world powered by data and connected devices, our definition of “personalization” was pretty limited ...

October 26, 2022

Next Level Design Strategy

Design-led innovation has never been more important. It’s also never been more of a scapegoat, with design being blamed for failing to deliver expected results.

October 20, 2022

An Interview with the Female Leadership at Loft

We’re continuing to highlight the amazing talent we have on the Loft team. We recently sat down with Clotilde Grimault, our Executive Director here at Loft.

October 13, 2022