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Next level insights, partnership, results … that’s the Loft way.

At Loft we don’t believe there is a universal approach for helping leaders solve their innovation and design challenges. We are a seasoned group of strategists, designers and engineers that distill the complex, find opportunity in the unknown and create products and services that deliver next level growth for organizations.

Loft enables leaders to create the future today -  to advance further than ever before, to new realms of success and elevate their products, experiences and brands to new heights.

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Service Design

User experience design has traditionally been the domain of digital design whereas service design considers the entirety of a customer journey.

January 12, 2023

Interview with Rudolf Greger

Rudolf T. A. Greger is an Austrian designer and design philosopher. His mission is to improve people's lives, his vocation is designer, his profession is management designer.

January 11, 2023

Interview With Gregor Mittersinker, Founder of Loft

Fresh off of a rebrand and busy planning for 2023, we sat down with Loft founder Gregor Mittersinker to talk about the state of design, and what the new year has in store.

December 7, 2022