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REBEL Cell Culture Analyzer

Three 908 Rebel Devices lined up next to each other showcasing the digital interface
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908 Devices

The 908 Devices Rebel simplifies bioprocessing with the power of design, in collaboration with the Loft Design team



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The process for developing new drugs is lengthy and cumbersome. Potential cell cultures undergo comprehensive procedures to ensure they are safe and effective. Presently, these verification and validation methods are time-consuming, leading to long lead times in bringing new drugs to the market. Valuable time is wasted as samples are sent to external core labs for result validation, often adding months to the drug development timeline.


Loft began with preliminary user research to understand user needs, followed by a thorough evaluation of the user experience and information architecture approaches. Based on these insights, we developed a prototype of the user interface and tested it with laboratory users, resulting in an intuitive design catering precisely to their needs. We designed the interface to minimize tasks required during analysis, allowing the lab team to concentrate on scientific outcomes.


The Rebel allows labs to work with smaller sample volumes and increased speed. It can also save on both time and money by eliminating the need to send samples out for further analysis. Its compact and self-contained design allows it to fit seamlessly alongside bioreactors in process development and cell culture labs. Running samples takes less than 7 minutes, completely eliminating the need to wait for results from a core lab. Furthermore, the Rebel handles calibration and data analysis, relieving scientists of that burden.

A person interacting with the screen on the 908 device
Image courtesy of 908 Devices
Business success focusing on best-in-class devices

908 Devices went public in 2020, focusing on the growing market of purpose-built, easy-to-use devices in the drug discovery market. These purpose-built instruments empower users to redefine their workflows by obtaining actionable answers right at the point of need, making the process straightforward and efficient.

The Rebel device with the door opened up showing the internal section of the device
Compact size & streamlined user experience

The Rebel’s design centers on the front access panel, which houses the screen and provides convenient access to the essential consumable and waste compartments. The device is particularly favored for its intuitive touchscreen and compact size, allowing scientists to focus on data analysis and interpretation rather than sample manipulation.

A diagram showing how the ergonomics of the rebel device has been worked out for the population ranging from the 5th percentile to the 95th percentile population
A graphic showcasing how compact the 908 rebel device is in comparison to the generic Bioprocess analyzers
An exploded view of the 908 rebel device revealing all the internal components of the device
User flow of the User Interface
User interface of the Device screen
A person looking into the Rebel machine
Image courtesy of 908 Devices

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908 Devices

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