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A musician with her eyes closed singing into a Sterling microphone
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Sterling Audio

Sterling teams up with Loft to develop the next generation of performance microphones


Industrial Design


Stage performance is a challenging environment for sensitive electronics. Performers need to trust their microphones; the last thing they want at the height of a solo performance is equipment failure. Generally, microphones either sound good or are built rugged but that’s a trade-off no performer really wants to make. Loft needed to build a great sounding microphone that could optimize creative artist’s performance will being very durable, built for live performance and touring.


The new line of performance microphones offer enhanced full-frequency response for stage and studio. For the highest durability, the design uses precision die-cast bodies that are nearly indestructible. The reinforced die-cast assembly ensures capsule protection from the rigors of challenging performance environments; which the Loft design team tested with performers to ensure the most comfortable ergonomics.


Sterling, a leader in recording microphones, saw an opportunity to offer a new approach to this product category. The result of this engagement is a microphone with a carefully crafted ergonomic grip and elongated, balanced body that makes it easy to handle during extended stage sets, allowing performers to concentrate exclusively on their performance. The bullet-proof design and innovative construction allows performers to be their best in any environment.

Three black Sterling microphones from the Performance Microphone range shown upright
Image courtesy of Sterling Audio
Innovative DynamicDrive Technology

Sterling’s DynamicDrive technology overcomes signal challenges associated with long cable runs or a mixer’s preamplifier limitations. Driven by phantom power, the built-in discrete electronics convert your audio into an ultra-clean amplified signal, keeping mixer preamps in their ‘sweet-spot’ for outstanding audio reproduction.

A black Sterling microphone placed on a flat surface
Image courtesy of Sterling Audio
A black Sterling microphone clamped in a mic stand next to a drum set, recording a performance
A singer singing and playing a guitar with two sterling microphones placed in front of him in two mic stands, one for the singer to sing into and the placed in front of the guitar
Images courtesy of Sterling Audio
A detailed shot of two microphone capsule, with the half of grills on each mic transparent to show the internal components of the microphone capsule
Image courtesy of Sterling Audio

The Sterling microphone keeps the spotlight on the performer’s vocals with a cardioid polar pattern providing best off-axis noise rejection, coupled with an electronically balanced output. Whether capturing percussive instruments, acoustic or electric guitar amps, the multi-purpose instrument microphone brings mid-range clarity and upper-frequency detail to both stage and studio.

Noise Isolation - stage and studio

The design of the internal capsule suspension and shock mounting system always ensures noise and stage rumble are kept to a minimum

A musician looking into the camera, singing into a Sterling microphone
Image courtesy of Sterling Audio

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Sterling Audio

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