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The Rigaku KT-500 resting on the ground
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Rigaku collaborates with Loft to bring handheld spectroscopy to the next level


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Since 1951, Rigaku has been a global leader in analytical and industrial instrumentation technology. While their product portfolio has historically been designed for lab environments, their team saw the lack of accurate and portable ore analysis tools as an opportunity to expand into new markets. They had the technological expertise but needed a world-class design partner to provide the design and engineering support. Together, Loft and Rigaku delivered a first-in-class handheld instrument, offering superior detection capabilities in a compact form factor.


The Rigaku KT-500 hand-held analyzer represents the next advancement in handheld laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS). It offers higher sensitivity and more elemental detection capabilities than ever before. The KT-500 also adds High Resolution Echelle Spectrometer (HiRES) technology for rapid analysis of carbon content in steel alloys, high performance stainless steel measurements, as well as nickel and cobalt-based high temperature alloys.


Leveraging Rigaku’s past core engineering work, Loft designed the KT-500 to be elegant, yet with best-in-class ruggedness. KT-500 features a durable magnesium housing, active cooling, and a replaceable boot. The intuitive onboard UX connects via USB & WiFi for simple viewing and download to any PC or mobile device. Loft worked closely with Rigaku to create design files, an engineering database, marketing materials, and DFM cycles with the manufacturer. The result of the collaboration was a professional product with a portable, rugged and user-centric experience.

The front end of the Rigaku KT-500
The tilt-up screen interface of the Rigaku KT-500
The I/O panel of the Rigaku KT-500
A cutaway view showing the internal components of the Rigaku KT-500
Profile view of the Rigaku KT-500
A field operator analyzing the composition of metals using the Rigaku KT-500

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