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An open brand book laid out on a flat surface with the table of contents laid out on the left page and the title “Brand Identity” on the right page
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FluidLogic partners with Loft to develop a fresh brand identity for active hydration.


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FluidLogic presented Loft the need to carve out their positioning as a unique brand in the global $32 Billion hydration market. Rooted in motorsports, the company was in need for a winning brand strategy to expand into broader market segments, while staying true to the brand's performance driven values. The brand needed a clear vision living at the intersection of hydration science and wearable technology, with the potential to grow into a variety of markets.


Loft developed a strong and memorable brand identity that reflects FluidLogic’s values, mission, and personality. The brand identity work included creating the visual identity and the brand's visual elements that would fit the strategic vision of the company. These elements needed to represent the brand's persona and evoke the desired emotions and associations. We created a compelling brand story, designed the logo, brand elements, color palette, typography and imagery to be used consistently across all touchpoints.


By unifying FluidLogic’s brand values around a common vision, the brand was able to expand their relevance to a wide range of verticals. The team developed a clear and compelling brand message that communicates FluidLogic’s unique value proposition, including a tagline, positioning statement and key language elements appealing to the audience's needs and aspirations. FluidLogic was able to launch their website, mobile app, wearable products and vehicle-mounted systems under a common brand and consolidated message.

FluidLogic logo
FluidLogic logo construction
FluidLogic color palette and typestack
FluidLogic icon system and brand texture
FluidLogic photo treatment applied to Powersports imagery — dirt bike rider
FluidLogic photo treatment applied to eSports imagery — gamer
FluidLogic photo treatment applied to Outdoors imagery — mountain biker
FluidLogic photo treatment applied to Patient Care imagery — surgeon
The FluidLogic brand book open and placed on a flat blue surface with the pages displaying photo treatment styles
A billboard with FluidLogic branding on an image of a hiker and the quote:  “Creating a healthier world through intelligent hydration.”

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