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Vibease app login screen shown on an iPhone.
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Vibease offers long-distance partners a novel way to experience closeness and intimacy. Aiming to bridge the gap caused by physical separation, they combine intimate connectivity and immersive audio experiences.




Vibease’s primary goal is to assist long-distance couples and individuals in deepening their bonds, despite physical distance, by allowing them to share intimate experiences remotely. To further enhance intimacy, Vibease provides immersive audio experiences to create a multi-sensory environment. For a more realistic experience, device responses are synchronized with audiobook narratives, enriching the overall experience.


Vibease is renowned as the world’s first app-enabled vibrator, a groundbreaking blend of sexuality and advanced technology. The device offers its users an immersive, multi-sensory sexual experience utilizing SMART vibrators that synchronize with the stories from paired erotic audiobooks.


Vibease has gained significant attention and accolades for its unique product and has been featured in major publications and media outlets such as Forbes, Tech Crunch, Venture Beat, Wired, The Guardian, and others. This widespread recognition underscores the company's impactful success in combining hardware and software solutions​​​​​.

Vibease UX user journey shown through different screens within the app.

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