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Built for researchers who want to get immediately actionable results, the ZipChip platform is compatible with a range of mass spectrometers and greatly enhances the ability to get the best research results. The ZipChip platform is a versatile comprehensive solution built to accelerate bio-pharma research.



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Mass Spectrometry (MS) is a potent analytical tool widely employed in drug testing, environmental assessment, cancer screening, and trace evidence analysis. However, achieving precise results demands intricate sample preparation, precise instrument parameter adjustments, and specialized data analysis. Researchers strive to streamline workflows, focusing on outcomes over procedures. A critical hurdle lies in accurately quantifying target analytes within intricate samples, especially those with low analyte levels or high interference. Ongoing efforts concentrate on refining sample preparation and MS techniques to enhance analysis speed, sensitivity, and precision.


908 Devices partnered with Loft to build a simple and powerful system with an innovative glass microchip at the heart of the technology. Together with purpose-built reagents individually developed for a wide range of use cases, the ZipChip system offers speed and efficiency.


The 908 Devices ZipChip technology is designed to simplify and streamline the MS workflow by providing a simple and powerful consumable/durable system that enables faster and more efficient sample preparation and analysis.

ZipChip is opened up with the internals exposed in a photo studio with a dark gray background in 3/4 perspective
A cohesive & user-centric experience

The heart of the ZipChip technology is the innovative glass microchip, which integrates key components of a traditional MS system, including ionization sources, mass filters, and detectors, onto a single chip. This miniaturized design enables rapid, on-site analysis of complex samples, without the need for extensive sample preparation or specialized expertise.

ZipChip is sitting next to two opened boxes of the Intact Antibody Kit in a photo studio with a dark gray background
Purpose-built reagent kits

In addition to the microchip, the ZipChip system includes a range of purpose-built sample prep reagents that have been individually developed for a wide range of workflows. These reagents are designed to work seamlessly with the microchip, enabling faster and more efficient sample preparation while also improving the sensitivity and specificity of analysis.

A layout of ZipChip’s Intact Antibody Kit with two bottles of peptides and an inside view of a cartridge box in a photo studio with a dark gray background
Zippy results

The ZipChip technology offers significant advantages over traditional MS workflows, including faster analysis times, improved sensitivity and specificity, and reduced costs associated with sample preparation and analysis. It is particularly well-suited for applications in fields such as biopharmaceuticals, proteomics, and metabolomics, where high-throughput analysis of complex samples is required.

ZipChip’s Intact Antibody kit is opened which reveals 10 bottles and 4 chip cartridges, and the kit sits next to an opened ZipChip startup guide. This image is in a photo studio with a dark gray background.
Branded consumables with a purpose

ZipChip consumables take the guesswork out of scientific development. Assay kits come pre-packaged in custom bottles, optimized for each application. The kits include everything scientists need, from bottles of electrolyte for the autosampler to the right diluent for your samples, all in the correct dosage for speed and efficiency.

ZipChip sits inside a scientific instrument in a laboratory setting
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908 Devices

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