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Lyve simplifies the management of digital memories. A cohesive experience integrates edge computing technology with state-of-the-art cloud-enabled synchronization and a user-friendly interface.


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In today's digital age, multimedia devices often have limited internal storage, posing challenges for those who capture abundant photos and videos daily. People need seamless solutions to transfer and access multimedia across various devices and cloud platforms to free up device storage, ensure data security, and access content conveniently. Cloud and sync solutions allow users to store and access their media from any internet-connected device, effectively addressing limited storage while enhancing content management across different devices.


The Seagate Lyve Home Ecosystem centralizes digital media management, effortlessly collecting and storing photos and videos from numerous devices in a single, organized, and accessible location. Enabling easy access and viewing on all connected devices. It's the core of the Lyve ecosystem, integrating photos from various sources and securely housing them at home. Its display screen also showcases a slideshow of your images, reminding the user of the good times.


Lyve's ecosystem collects and secures photos and videos from a multitude of devices, making them easily accessible from anywhere. The Lyve Home device efficiently consolidates media from computers, smartphones, and tablets into one secure spot. It features a touchscreen that displays a continuous photo slideshow for both ease of use and visual pleasure. The unique UI/UX design challenge for Loft was creating this large touchscreen interface to manage the ecosystem seamlessly.

Front orthographic view of Lyve Home on a solid gray background
Side orthographic view of Lyve Home on a solid gray background

We thought, what if we could create an extension of the smartphone camera?

Tim Bucher, Lyve CEO / Ex Apple

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Front view of Lyve home packaging opened on a solid gray background
Media Storage - Focused Solution

Seagate's Lyve startup, based in San Francisco, focuses on providing innovative solutions for digital storage and management. It specializes in creating an ecosystem that allows users to seamlessly store, access, and manage their digital photos and videos across various devices.

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