Technology Development

Launching a product is the art of transforming an idea into something tangible, and market-ready. Our experienced team guides you through every step, from brainstorming to meeting regulatory requirements.

Our Capabilities

Concept & Prototype Development

Using Systems Engineering as a foundation, we dive deep into product requirements, system architecture, and mechanism design. We leverage a wide toolkit of IoT ecosystems, mechatronics, thermal management, and fluidics to de-risk product systems.

Mechanical Engineering

Your product is the heart of your brand, it’s the physical manifestation of your business vision. We ensure each product is masterfully engineered, overseeing everything from material evaluations to complex regulatory landscapes, ensuring you deliver a solution with unparalleled confidence.

Product Development

We meticulously oversee every aspect of a product’s development cycle from material selection to regulatory compliance, guaranteeing impeccable results. Our team collaborates with a wide network of prototyping shops to deliver Alpha prototypes that look and work like a real product.

Design for Manufacturing

Leveraging insights gathered during the engineering phase, our designs are optimized for production. This encompasses the evaluation of product manufacturability, material selection, cost analytics, and the creation of comprehensive manufacturing documentation.

Design Validation

Ensuring a product meets and surpasses expectations is paramount. At Loft, we focus on the crucial role of design validation in meeting and exceeding expectations, employing a wide range of methods.

Regulatory Compliance

Harnessing deep insights into industry-specific rules and benchmarks, our design agency simplifies the maze of regulatory compliance and the formulation of precise specifications for any Quality Management System (QMS).

Our Edge

In a world teeming with innovative ideas, the real challenge lies in bringing them to life. At Loft, we harness Agile methodologies, traditionally associated with the digital domain, to tangibly transform these ideas into market-ready products. Tight collaboration with our interdisciplinary teams ensures the journey from idea to product is seamless while maintaining design intent.

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