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908 Devices



The 908 Devices MAVERICK instrument with attached probe
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908 Devices

908 Devices specializes in chemical and biochemical analysis across industry boundaries. They collaborated with Loft to design an advanced, user-centered, in-line bioprocess analysis system using Raman spectroscopy


Industrial Design


Bioreactors play a crucial role in various industries, particularly in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. They play a vital role in the study of cell behavior, optimize bioprocesses, and the development of new biotechnological products and applications. Streamlining these crucial aspects of the drug discovery process provides a unique edge, enabling firms to secure patents and position themselves as industry pioneers. Setting up bioreactor monitoring and control is a meticulous process that often demands a significant amount of time and effort.


908 Devices partnered with Loft to develop the MAVERICK bioreactor analysis system. Part of the process was a comprehensive assessment of the user journey to evaluate the steps needed to set up and monitor a bioreactor. The hub and spoke configuration enables the management of up to six separate bioreactors, streamlining and simplifying the task of monitoring multiple parameters. Mavericks' simple configuration only necessitates a straightforward two-point probe calibration to initiate monitoring and control, without revalidation when the process conditions change.


The design of the MAVERICK ecosystem revolutionizes bioprocess monitoring by offering seamless and continuous in-line tracking. Its user-friendly interface and optimized setup process empowers development teams to excel in Bioprocessing 4.0, using Raman-based Process Analytical Technology (PAT) without having to develop an empirical calibration model as in conventional spectroscopy approaches. A simple probe calibration suffices to start monitoring key process parameters in most bioreactors. Unpack it, and you're halfway through the setup.

The 908 Devices MAVERICK Hub and Measurement Module separating
Results right out of the box

Designed with a focus on an easy-to-use workflow, users can streamline bioprocess analysis and control right from the start. Even researchers who are new to bioreactor monitoring can track crucial parameters across diverse media, processes, mammalian cell lines, and scales.

The 908 Devices MAVERICK instrument on a laboratory bench top
A streamlined used experience

The MAVERICK hardware and screen are thoughtfully crafted to focus on the user's convenience. You don't need any prior experience with Raman spectroscopy or chemometric modeling. The hub boasts a high-resolution color touchscreen, software that's ready for CFR 21 Part 11 compliance, and a user-friendly interface. In-line bioprocess analysis has never been simpler.

Back view of the 908 Devices MAVERICK showing the input/output panel
Side view of the 908 Devices MAVERICK instrument
Status indicators on the front of the 908 Devices MAVERICK
The 908 Devices MAVERICK Measurement Module

Speed at scale

You can link up to six measurement modules to one hub, in order to oversee process conditions and regulate feeds in numerous bioreactors at once, in real time. This not only conserves valuable bench space but also boosts overall efficiency.

Six measurement modules linked with one MAVERICK hub
Two lab technicians monitor a bioreactor using the 908 Devices MAVERICK
Image courtesy of 908 Devices

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908 Devices

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