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Play and Learn Starter Smartphone

A floating perspective view of the Discovery Kids: Play and Learn Mobile Starter Smartphone with fidget popper phone case.
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Discovery Kids

Parents and guardians need to guide children to use smartphones responsibly, establish limits, and ensure a healthy balance between screen time and other activities. Discovery Kids collaborated with Loft to create a phone that goes beyond expectations and ignites curiosity while sparking children’s imaginations.


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It is important to tailor both the design and content of educational toys to different age ranges. Toys for younger kids should have simple interfaces, like large buttons or tactile zones. In contrast, older children might enjoy toys with more intricate features. These toys must blend fun and learning by offering interactive and captivating experiences that foster creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking.


Discovery Kids and Loft have crafted a toy that is both fun and easy to use for children aged 3+. The Play and Learn Starter Smartphone is packed with educational content about colors, numbers, and animals, plus music, ringtones, and quizzes to enhance learning. The toy also includes a removable silicone case with a wrist lanyard and sensory fidget popper, helping kids develop fine motor skills.


By offering hands-on experiences and interactive play, the Discovery Kids' Play and Learn Starter Smartphone fosters a sense of wonder and encourages children to engage in age-appropriate play patterns. The quizzes and games allow kids to explore and learn at their own pace, without cognitive overload.

The Discovery Kids: Play and Learn Mobile Starter Smartphone floating with lights flashing and sound icons moving.
A haptic and engaging experience

Combining the play-and-learn starter phone with a fidget popper case gives kids multiple engaging play patterns. Children can learn colors, numbers, and names while emulating the use of smartphones.

The Discovery Kids: Play and Learn Mobile Starter Smartphone being removed from the fidget popper phone case.
A close up view of the the fidget popper phone case.

Three orthographic views of the Discovery Kids: Play and Learn Mobile Starter Smartphone.
Toys as learning tools

By providing a playful and controlled environment, toys like this can serve as educational tools while introducing children to technology in a structured and beneficial way.

A toddler holding the Discovery Kids Toy Phone with two hands while sitting in the lap of an adult.

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Discovery Kids

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