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A LVc40 and electric vehicle battery packs placed on a white table against a wall with and electric vehicle to the left.
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A3 Global is dedicated to streamlining the complex process of refurbishing EV batteries, which involves testing numerous cells and employing intricate equipment and expertise. To facilitate this process, A3 Global developed advanced equipment for different battery chemistries, providing a vital toolkit to support the EV infrastructure and succeed in the circular economy.


A3 Global's range of HEV/EV Battery solutions merges state-of-the-art electronics and cutting-edge technology in an easy workflow for car shop managers and operators. Loft and A3 Global collaboratively developed an instrument and a new operating model, specifically processing and diagnosing Li-ion batteries for electric vehicles.


The engineering and design teams at Loft utilized in-depth customer research, advanced thermal modeling, and industry-leading engineering and design to develop the next generation of A3 equipment. This new platform is streamlined, user-friendly, and quick to deploy, allowing more EV batteries to be repurposed for a second life.

The LVc40 sitting on a workbench with three electric vehicle battery packs next to it.
Technology for a brighter future

A3 Global specializes in creating equipment to revitalize and replace batteries in hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs). The company focuses on empowering both small businesses and large vehicle fleets to enhance the lifecycle of energy storage devices. Expertly combining electronics and chemistry, A3 Global provides expert services in the renewable energy sector, bringing advanced electrochemical solutions to everyday solutions.

Three people doing design research and learning about different types of electric car batteries.

"Loft Design—a leading product design agency championing digital and physical breakthroughs. Our collaboration? The much-anticipated LVC-40 prototype!"

A3 Global

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A3 Global

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