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A man prints out a photo from the Lifeprint Instant Print Camera for iPhone
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Loft collaborates with Lifeprint to make digital mementos physical again with an augmented reality ecosystem



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Lifeprint, which started as a Kickstarter project, identified that the emerging landscape of social media platforms lacked the ability to share physical photos. They brought Loft in to help develop an innovative wireless printer that gave users the ability to send photos and videos to networked printers across the globe.


Loft helped Lifeprint develop the strategy and implement the vision for a global social media platform built on the backbone of a network of inexpensive distributed printers. Customers could purchase a printer, set up their Lifeprint app, and begin sharing digital mementos and memories with their loved ones across the network.


The products, sold globally in the Apple store, became an instant (print) success. Loft focused on a fun and sleep design language that resonated with the Instagram generation, offering ease of sharing and use. Lifeprint gained a wide audience across the globe, and the product success enabled them to extend their revenue with the sale of refill packs.

A product rendering showing the front and back of the Lifeprint Instant Print Camera for iPhone
A detail view of the Lifeprint Instant Print Camera for iPhone, featuring a soft touch grip material and the Lifeprint logo
A detail view of the Lifeprint Instant Print Camera for iPhone, featuring the charging port
A man takes a photo of a woman and prints it out with the Lifeprint Instant Print Camera for iPhone
Enhanced photo-taking experience

Every photo can tell a story using Lifeprint’s Augmented Reality HyperPhoto technology, allowing customers to print a photo and then view a video when holding the photo up to their phone.

Several screens showing the functionality of the Lifeprint app
Printing a photo from the Lifeprint app
Digital strategy for a product ecosystem

The 5-year collaboration included the development of the digital strategy for the ecosystem, designing and engineering printer hardware, building the entire mobile UX experience, creating a comprehensive branding strategy, and defining the packaging and point-of-purchase experience.

Several different Lifeprint printers
An exploded view showing the inside of a Lifeprint printer
Innovative and well-crafted branding

Loft focused on creating a sleek and modern aesthetic for the printer that would help establish Lifeprint as a lifestyle brand. Each detail was crafted to elevate the look and feel of the printer, including the edge chamfer and debossed logo treatment.

The packaging design for the Lifeprint Photo and Video Printer
Augmented reality experience of an animated photo using the Lifeprint Harry Potter Photo and Video Printer

Lifeprint expanded their product offerings through a collaboration with Warner Brothers to launch a Harry Potter specific printer and app. Users can share Harry Potter “Magic Photos” and decorate them with filters and elements from the movies. Harry Potter fans can also customize their printer with badges of their favorite house at Hogwarts.

Global out-of-box experience

Loft designed Apple-specific packaging for a global market.

Lifeprint printers featured and sold on the Apple Store website
A product rendering of the Lifeprint 2x3 Hyperphoto Printer printing a photo
A product rendering of the Lifeprint Ultra Slim Printer printing a photo

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