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A close up view of the screen on the Redshift Aurora device
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Redshift Bio develops the next generation Microfluidic Modulation Spectroscopy (MMS) platform in collaboration with the Loft Design team.



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After successfully leveraging the MMS technology for a few years, Redshift was looking to create a new generation of laboratory instruments that were able to push the envelope on what was possible with MMS. Designing a system with a smaller sample volume and easier throughput with a fully integrated computing platform at its core would make this technology useful in academia and pharma labs alike, helping scientists discover new applications for the technology.


Loft initiated the design process by conducting preliminary research to gather insights on the proposed platform, followed by a comprehensive evaluation of the entire user experience. This process informed the development of the platform's information architecture, leading to a prototype of the optimal user interface. Aurora offers a compact footprint by incorporating all elements and a full size touch screen into a streamlined, integrated instrument.


Aurora is revolutionizing the MMS workflow with a compact instrument that is streamlined and easy to use. This innovative package allows industry and academia labs to work with smaller sample volumes, enabling them to push the boundaries of structural characterizations for biomolecules. With Aurora, researchers can achieve more advanced and precise analyses with reduced sample requirements, opening up new possibilities for studying the intricacies of biomolecular structures.

Three Aurora devices lined up showcasing three different stages in the user journey and with different information displayed on the screen.
The aurora device placed on a flat surface
The side view of the aurora device with a patterned cutout on the side panel
The front view of the aurora device placed on a flat surface with a pipette and a well plate lying in front
An exploded view of the aurora device showing the internal components of the device
Explorations of different components of the user interface like the system icons, buttons, navigation bar etc.
Wireframes of the user interface of the process workflow
A researcher using the touch screen of the Aurora device which is placed on a lab bench with liquid filled beakers, and other lab instruments around

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