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Wearable luxury—bridging the gap between traditional timepieces and modern technology.



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How might we blend a love for fashionable, vintage watches with contemporary technology? What if someone wants to have both the elegance of a classic timepiece with the functionality of modern technology? The solution not only enhances personal style but provides the convenience of monitoring vital signs, tracking performance, and analyzing sleep data.


Chronos brings a revolutionary twist to conventional watches by enabling them to function as smartwatches. The compact and innovative device can be easily attached to the back of any watch, equipping it with advanced features like fitness tracking, music control, and notifications. Loft and Chronos aimed to craft a distinctive brand language to effectively promote this novel product. Their collaborative effort has successfully merged the elegance of traditional watches with the versatility of smart technology, appealing to a diverse audience that values both functionality and style.


By merging the timeless charm of classic watches with the advanced capabilities of modern smartwatches, the collaboration between Loft and Chronos offers a unique blend that appeals to a diverse audience. Combining traditional elegance with smartwatch functionality has successfully attracted consumers who prioritize both fashion and technological innovation. Their joint effort has produced an accessory that enhances personal style while offering modern connectivity features.

The Chronos logo comprised of the letter C with a ‘+’ symbol in the middle and the word ‘Chronos’ written next to it. Image of a man jogging in the background.
Office stationery with Chronos branding laid out on a desk
Various Chronos branded icons including a person running, biking, walking, swimming, doing yoga, climbing a mountain, and skiing
Three iPhones showing three different Chronos app screens.

"Chronos may be a great way for people to try basic wearable tech without ditching their beloved timepiece"

The Wall Street Journal

Chronos watch resting on a charging pad placed on a coffee table next to a lounge chair in a bedroom

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