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3M partners with Loft to help keep your computer's screen private with ease



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Keeping confidential information secure is an ongoing challenge for any organization navigating the digital age. Not only are our computers vulnerable to cyber attack, sometimes a screen left unattended can jeopardize confidentiality. Many companies require their employees to use privacy screens on their computers and personal devices to protect company information. Traditional screens are difficult to apply and offer limited flexibility for daily use.


3M Comply is the solution to this problem. Through our robust research, materials review, and design process, we created specialized hinges that deliver maximum ease of use for consumers. These innovative screen’s sleek and easy-to-use hinges allow users to flip the filter off and on when needed. Time and effort were dedicated to the design of the hinges so that they look great while being durable and functional.


Workplace culture is changing every day. As companies transition to hybrid work-from-home models, and computers move in and out of the office on a regular basis, ongoing and low-cost privacy measures are essential. 3M Comply is the best solution for employees who need to protect company assets, while maintaining an easy-to-read screen.

3M hinges designed for the privacy screen to be attached to a laptop screen
A lady flipping open the 3M screen from her laptop to show her laptop screen to another person
Image courtesy of 3M
Three views of the laptop, one with the 3M screen in place, one in the process of being flipped over, and one with the screen flipped away from the laptop screen
Three different views of the Hinges designed for 3M showing how they can stretch
A user manual placed on a table showcasing instructions about how to attach the 3M screen and hinges to a laptop with the 3M screen and hinges placed next to it
3M hinges designed for the privacy screen to be attached to a desktop monitor
A 3M privacy screen attached to a desktop monitor by two 3M hinges
A 3M screen being attached to a desktop monitor by a person
Image courtesy of 3M

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