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Titan 50 Electronic Drum Kit

A close up view of the Simmons Titan 50’s drum rack, toms, and attachments
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Simmons & Loft team up to develop the next generation of digital drum kits



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The Loft team was tasked with designing a drum kit that is both sturdy and easy to play, while ensuring that the drum materials and electronics are affordable. This required a deep understanding of drummer’s needs at various skill levels and a careful balance of factors such as sound quality, durability, and mechanical ruggedness. Not all drum kit models offer the same level of playability; it is crucial for drummers to know that they are investing in a kit that will help then develop their skills and achieve their musical goals.


The kit features newly designed mesh drum heads, which provide a realistic feel and response similar to that of traditional drum heads while offering a quiet playing experience. Special consideration was given to a best-in-class rack. The extruded rectangular profile offers a sturdy platform while the thoughtful drum hardware offers maximum adjustability for all different playing styles, ensuring durability. The intuitive LCD display offers a range of drum kits, making it versatile to many styles. Overall, the kit provides quality, affordability, and versatility, making it a great choice for both beginners and pro drummers.


The drum kit became one of the top selling items at retail locations and was a hit in the drumming community. The design struck the right balance between features and clever design at an affordable price. This success has helped revive the Simmons brand in the market and has filled a gap in the market for a high quality, affordable, and highly playable electronic drum kit.

The Simmons Titan 50 drum kit set on a grey backdrop
Playability and exceptional sound quality

Aspiring drummers have to carefully select the best drum kit that meets their needs and budget. Many brands compromise on important features such as quality of sound and performance, and not all drum kit models offer the same level of playability. The team conducted extensive research and testing to develop a product that delivers a rich experience for beginners and experienced drummers alike.

A close up view of the Toms of the Titan 50 drum kit set
A drummer with drumsticks in her hand playing the Simmons Titan 50 drum kit set
A view of the toms of the Simmons Titan 50 drum kit set while a drummer is playing music
A drumstick about to strike the cymbal of the Titan 50
A drummer with drumsticks in her hand playing music on the Simmons Titan 50 drum kit set in a room
Images courtesy of Simmons
Top and bottom view of the Toms with the Simmons logo on both the sides
Easy to navigate LCD display with intuitive controls

Titan 50 offers a range of pre-configured drum kits designed to suit different musical styles, making it easy for drummers to find the right sound for their needs.

LCD display mounted on the drum rack showing controls that the musician can play with

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