Strategy & Research

Understanding people is central to creating valuable and innovative ventures. At LOFT, we dive deep into the heart of individual experiences, moving beyond traditional market views.

Our Capabilities

Global Design Research

The soul of impactful design research lies in decoding what truly drives your audience. We champion your global ambitions with tailored ethnographies leveraging international recruitments and translation expertise. By delving into the lives of your customers, we extract pivotal insights, propelling you to design offerings that the audience not only needs but ardently desires, setting you distinctively apart from your competitors. The soul of impactful design research lies in decoding what truly drives your audience. From their passions to pet peeves, aspirations to anxieties, we seek to comprehend what matters to them. Our methods are diverse yet effective, spanning from shadowing and observations to deep-dive interviews and tailored ethnographies.

Human & Cultural Understanding

In today's borderless business landscape, the ability to understand diverse global markets and trends is crucial. We empower strategic growth with actionable insights we uncover. Our methodologies are varied and impactful. We analyze global trends and emerging technologies, cultural investigations, collaborative creation sessions, online surveys, and more. However, knowledge without action is a missed opportunity. We enable progress with actionable strategies derived from the insights we discover, guaranteeing that each revelation propels you strategically forward.

Business Intelligence & Market Insights

Human understanding must be examined in parallel with emerging and existing market trends. We use our business insights, and qualitative and quantitative toolkits to uncover, understand, and predict market opportunities and customer behaviors. With this understanding, we can identify optimal markets and drive strategic decisions before the competition. Overwhelming data can cloud judgment. We distill raw information into sharp, actionable insights. Our expertise encompasses data science and mapping, insight visualization, VOC analysis, and needs synthesis. By translating data into actionable strategies, we can provide insights that guide product development and create actionable roadmaps to support products and experiences at scale.

Data Strategy & Analytics

We understand what it takes to grow a data-driven product portfolio—clear business goals, a robust set of data enablers, and an organization able to deliver breakthroughs—and we help businesses define their roadmap to get there. Our industry-specific data & AI Audit framework is designed to evaluate your organization's preparedness and offer a definitive roadmap for implementation. We utilize crucial strategic insights to facilitate the development of enduring growth strategies.

Generative AI & Technology Strategy

In an age where AI and technology are rapidly transforming industries, simply embracing technology is not enough; it's about infusing humanity into them. This entails crafting user-centered principles and guaranteeing that technology solutions are tailored to genuine human requirements and circumstances. It emphasizes empathy, iterative learning, and cross-disciplinary collaboration. Leveraging this approach allows companies to pivot from merely implementing technology to crafting meaningful, user-driven AI solutions. Implementing the right strategy isn't just a tool, but a strategic asset driving customer value and sustainable business growth.

Our Edge

By immersing ourselves in the everyday realities of people – from their homes to their workplaces and leisure spots – we capture the essence of life as it unfolds. This deep insight into values, needs, and behaviors becomes our compass, guiding us to craft business strategies that set us ahead of the curve. Our design-centric research paves the way for strategies that make a long-term business impact. This approach holistically integrates design principles and strategic objectives from the outset.

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