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C2 Sense IoT device mounted on a wall in an food processing facility



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The C2 Sense device lid opened up showing the internal components of the device
Help tackle global food waste

C2 Sense has a vision for the future of connected devices. Using C2’s patented digital olfactory sensor, Loft helped design the first in a series of connected devices. Over time C2 hopes to expand their technology to cover a wide range of applications and chose to start with a device that focuses on farm-to-table food freshness.

An exploded view of the C2 Sense consumable cartridge showing the internal parts of the cartridge
A tray of apples whose freshness can be monitored by the C2 Sense device

C2 Sense works its magic at every stage of the supply chain. The custom sensor that C2 built monitors volatiles directly related meat, poultry, and fish freshness, as well as fruit ripeness.

From physical to digital

The C2 sensing platform uses uses a gas-sensing device to improve food quality and diminish food waste by allowing customers to access real-time, remote feedback through a subscription-based service.

The C2 Sense device placed on a flat white surface with vegetables placed around it

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C2 Sense

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