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ALCOR Scientific miniiSED blood sample analyzer on medical lab bench next to a microscope and blood sample test tubes.
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ALCOR Scientific

​​ALCOR® Scientific develops the next generation User Interface (UI) of their iSED platform in collaboration with Loft’s design UX team




Traditional ESR analysis requires significant hands-on time, which is problematic for busy laboratories that do not have personnel to perform manual testing. The iSED analyzer’s fully automated workflow lessens the burden on laboratories and yields results that are less subject to variables such as human error. iSED’s technology also boasts a fast turnaround time, with results in as little as 20 seconds. The iSED analyzer’s user experience is critical to the iSED’s design: it needs to be intuitive and user-friendly to ensure accurate and reliable results.


ALCOR Scientific partnered with Loft on a UX-focused design and development program for the iSED. This collaboration aimed to optimize workflow efficiency while minimizing errors. Prior to design, Loft conducted research, evaluating the entire current user experience. This evaluation served as the foundation for the platform's information structure, culminating in an ideal user interface prototype. This prototype underwent thorough testing by lab users, resulting in a user-friendly design that precisely catered to their requirements.


The simple design of the iSED allows for easy implementation and onboarding in laboratories of various sizes. The user interface facilitates a fully automated iSED workflow, bypassing the hands-on time required for traditional ESR testing. Interacting with the touchscreen is effortless, allowing laboratory professionals to input sample information and perform instrument maintenance with ease. The user interface also accommodates random access sample loading, so samples can be loaded at any time as long as there is an open position on the analyzer.

User Journey of different types of medical care givers working with the miniiSED machine.
A view of several screens shown in the miniiSED user experience.
Best in class laboratory instrumentations

With its intuitive touchscreen interface, ALCOR Scientific’s iSED ESR testing platform is highly valued by laboratory professionals who praise its ability to enhance workflow and improve laboratory productivity.

An animation demonstrating the sample analyzing process shown on the miniiSED screen.
A view of the miniiSED interface with screen and sample entry.
Two medical technicians in a lab doing blood work using the ALCOR Scientific miniiSED.

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ALCOR Scientific

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