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A close up shot of the Neon streaming remote and dock floating on a dark background
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Latin America embraces streaming video with ease


Industrial Design


Neon wanted to make a name for itself by offering high-end content across its platforms. Many users in Latin America wanted a streaming platform that could be used at home and also brought along on visits and travels. Furthermore, shops in the region did not have room, so the packaging also needed to communicate the installation process and double up as a store display.


Neon and Loft set out to combine a best-in-class on-screen user experience (UX) with an outstanding product and out-of-box-experience (OOBE). Loft worked with Neon to create a cohesive ecosystem that was able to close the gap and create a streaming box and remote so that Neon could work seamlessly in any home and could also be used on-the-go.


Loft developed a beautiful and engaging experience across their platforms with bold and colorful branding. When developing a hardware strategy for the brand, the design team wanted to celebrate this playfulness and create an industrial design and packaging solution that felt out of the ordinary while still melding seamlessly with the user’s home. The ergonomic remote found an intuitive resting place on-top of the box, held down by magnets.

A close up shot of the Neon streaming remote and dock in front of a TV
A top view of the Neon streaming remote and dock on a dark background
A close up shot of the Neon streaming remote and dock on a dark background
An array of packaging for the Neon streaming platform
A close up view of the Neon packaging opening to reveal the remote, cable and quickstart guide

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