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Kick the habit—your personalized guide to quitting. By leveraging tech, individuals seeking to quit smoking can find additional support and resources to aid in their journey.



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A large proportion of smokers aspire to quit, yet they frequently encounter recurring challenges and patterns that make cessation difficult. To assist in this process, various apps and devices are available to monitor cigarette usage, helping users gain better awareness of their smoking habits and tendencies.


In partnership with Loft, Quitbit has crafted a digital ecosystem tailored to meet a variety of user needs along the journey to quitting smoking. The ecosystem combines a smart lighter with a connected app to help users gradually cut down on smoking. Key features such as Smart Tracking, Lost Mode, and Seamless Sync transform the device from an ordinary lighter into a persistent companion, designed to support and facilitate smoking reduction.


By utilizing their expertise in regulated ecosystems, Loft skillfully crafted a compelling digital and physical experience. The app fosters social interaction among those trying to quit smoking, gradually steering users away from the habit. This approach effectively blends community support with technology to facilitate smoking cessation.

Front and back of the Quitbit smart lighter with a small flame animation being shown on the display.
Quitbit smart lighter open, showing the heating element glowing and a display showing the amount of time since last smoke.

“Not only can you see how many cigarettes you've smoked, you can also track the money you've saved and the years of your life you got back based on cigarette's you might have smoked without the lighter.”

Tom's Guide

An pen Quitbit smart lighter, showing the heating element glowing and a dashboard interface, illustrating the amount of time since last smoke.
Sleek, Simple Packaging Design

To ensure a smooth and seamless start for new users, Loft developed Quitbit's packaging system with a streamlined out-of-box experience (OOBE). This includes an introduction to the Quitbit system, assistance with app installation, and easy-to-follow onboarding guidance.

Quitbit device and packaging lined up on a white background.

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