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Ice Therapy Massage Ball

The Sharper Image Ice Therapy Massage Ball mounted on a wall and an athlete using it on his back
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Sharper Image, a renowned American brand, excels in providing a diverse range of innovative, high-tech products with distinct, clever design. They offer many cutting-edge health and wellness products including their their Ice Therapy line.


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During muscle recovery, athletes typically alternate between using a roller to apply different pressure levels to muscles and icing sore areas. The combination of applying pressure and icing promotes recovery while relieving muscle sensitivity. During post-workout self-massage sessions, reaching while applying the right amount of pressure to sore muscles alone can be a challenge.


In collaboration with Loft, Sharper Image designed the Ice Therapy Massage Ball featuring a suction wall mount and liquid-cool core. The versatile muscle massager relieves tension while alleviating pain. The compact ball offers gentle relief, while the wall mount allows for added pressure in hard-to-reach areas. This comprehensive recovery tool provides targeted muscle relief and the calming effects of cold therapy, optimizing post-workout recovery and promoting muscle relaxation.


Experience the rejuvenating benefits of simultaneously massaging and applying a refreshing chill to muscles. Using the roller on specific areas can effectively work out knots, alleviate tension, and provide additional therapeutic benefits. Enhance post-workout recovery by placing the roller in the freezer for a few hours to cool before use. The soothing, cooling action can provide extended relief after an intense workout.

The Sharper Image Ice Therapy Massage Ball mounted on a white wall. The metal ball is snapped into a plastic housing.
The rear view of the handheld massager
An exploded view of the Ice Therapy Massage Ball
The Sharper Image Ice Therapy Massage Ball placed on a white surface
A simplified user experience for all your muscle recovery needs

Enjoy versatile and targeted muscle relief by using the ball alone or within the wall mount attachment. Use the ball directly for easy and effective relief of targeted areas. For hard-to-reach areas, the suction wall mount allows for hands-free rolling and precise application of pressure. This versatility ensures comprehensive muscle care and convenience during your self-massage sessions.

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Sharper Image

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