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Ice Therapy Massage Ball

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The Sharper Image Ice Therapy Massage Ball mounted on a wall and an athlete using it on his back



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Sharper Image & Loft reimagine the ice therapy roller


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The Sharper Image Ice Therapy Massage Ball mounted on a white wall. The metal ball is snapped into a plastic housing.
The Customer

Sharper Image is a well-known American brand that specializes in offering a wide range of innovative and high-tech products. The Ice Therapy line offers distinct, clever and well designed premium product solutions. Sharper Image has consistently been at the forefront of innovation and cutting-edge products for the home.

The Challenge

In the process of muscle recovery, athletes typically alternate between using a roller to apply pressure and icing specific muscle areas. This combination of methods can be beneficial to promote recovery and relieve muscle sensitivity.

The rear view of the handheld massager
An exploded view of the Ice Therapy Massage Ball
The Solution

Sharper Image teamed up with Loft to develop the Ice Therapy massage ball with suction wall mount, liquid-cool core to offer a comprehensive Muscle Massager to remove muscle tension & help with pain relief. The massage ball fits in the palm of your hand for gentle relief. For difficult areas that need more pressure, the wall mount can help to interact with the roller handsfree. Athletes can now enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive post-workout recovery tool with this 2-in-1 system. This innovative combination merges the advantages of topographic cold therapy with an easy-to-use muscle roller. With this tool, athletes can experience the dual benefits of targeted muscle relief and the soothing effects of cold therapy. It provides a convenient and effective solution to optimize post-workout recovery and aid in muscle relaxation.

The Results

Experience the rejuvenating benefits of massaging your muscles while simultaneously applying a refreshing chill. By using a roller on specific areas, you can effectively work out knots, alleviate tension, and enjoy additional therapeutic effects. Enhance your post-workout recovery by placing the roller in the freezer, allowing it to cool for hours. This cooling action can provide extended relief and soothing benefits to your muscles after an intense workout. Enjoy versatile and targeted muscle relief with the ball on its own or within the handled holder. The ball can be used directly to target specific areas, providing easy and effective relief. For hard-to-reach areas, utilize the suction mount, allowing for hands-free rolling and precise application of pressure. This ensures comprehensive muscle care and convenience during your self-massage sessions.

The Sharper Image Ice Therapy Massage Ball placed on a white surface

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Sharper Image

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