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Spatially location intelligence platform UI elements on a teal background covered in small icons.
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Spatially is a technology company specializing in data enrichment and analytics, assisting organizations by leveraging spatial intelligence. Their expertise lies in developing data models that enable optimal outcomes for communities and populations by providing local context combined with other relevant metrics.




Location intelligence is the combination of geographic, demographic, infrastructural, economic, and environmental data, providing vital insights to business leaders navigating today's complex environment. A strategic approach considering physical and virtual factors grants a competitive edge, spurs innovation, and tackles challenges effectively. Business Intelligence tools offer spatial analysis, yet industry-specific ontologies are lacking, hindering strategic planning. In particular, when health-related data is analyzed with spatial intelligence, it reveals patterns in disease prevalence, asses healthcare accessibility, and explores locally relevant healthcare growth opportunities.


Spatially's mission was to craft a tailored Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, enabling mid-sized businesses and enterprise units to leverage spatial analytics, effortlessly. This empowers leaders to implement growth strategies with precision. They initially collaborated with Loft to define their brand identity and design a compelling user experience. Working closely with Loft's UX and branding experts, Spatially developed a comprehensive brand language and conceptualized the user interface (UI) for their web platform. The goal was to provide a streamlined yet potent tool for proficient business location analysis.


Spatially successfully launched their Minimum Viable Product (MVP) platform and website using the new branding developed by Loft, specifically catering to their targeted business users. They tailored their Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to meet the needs of their intended market, with a particular emphasis on the healthcare industry. By focusing on healthcare as their primary launch market, the company aimed to address the unique requirements and challenges faced by healthcare organizations.

Spatially brand book opened up to show logo and color pages with the shadow of a plant going across.
Spatially logomark construction elements.
A platform for equitable growth

Spatially strategically pivoted towards healthcare by unifying their brand and UX platform. This shift towards the healthcare sector tailored the messaging, design, and interface to this particular industry’s needs. The streamlined product experience and coherent language system empowered healthcare organizations to modernize their tech vision and enhance local healthcare performance.

Spatially webpages in an iMac computer monitor with webpage thumbnails shown on the right.
Spatially user flow.

“Spatially has revolutionized our ability to integrate internal customer data and location data to effectively plan and execute campaigns for our clicks-and-bricks clients.”

Katharine ReQua, Founder, For Now

The Spatially map and callouts describing the interactive elements.
Spatially user interface components.
An animation revealing the Spatially logo mark on a teal background.

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