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Build User-Centered Design Systems to Maximize Impact - Panel Discussion

Panel discussion on the multifaceted universe of design systems ranging from those originating in print media to intricate design tokens.


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Mar 1, 2024



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Join us for an engaging panel discussion on the multifaceted universe of design systems, from those originating in print media to intricate design tokens. Our panel of experts will explore best practices to create strategies for design systems and best solutions for deployment across large-scale ecosystems. In this exclusive webinar hosted by Loft Design, we're bringing together expert panelists with a wealth of experience and expertise to share their insights. Participate in a captivating panel discussion delving into the complex universe of design systems,

Divya Jindal is an inspiring UX design leader and researcher with extensive experience building design systems for various business units. Her expertise spans working on Google's G Suite, developing UX for professionals on LinkedIn, and designing communication platforms at Microsoft.

Kenji Kaneko is a Lead Product Designer at Cisco Systems where he is a part of the Magnetic Design System Team supporting 40+ Cisco products across both cybersecurity and enterprise networking spaces. His focus has primarily been on color, designing tokens, and creating complex components. Kenji's passions in the design space come at the intersection of behavioral science, design systems, and accessibility.

Riley Sykes is a product Designer at The New York Times, creating a cohesive and useful design system for the digital experiences of the newspaper. His work draws upon the newspaper's rich heritage, blending modern digital design patterns and practices with iconic design elements rooted in the newspaper's storied history.

The conversation will delve into best practices, key tools, case studies, and tangible examples demonstrating the profound impact of extensive design systems. Led by Gregor Mittersinker, founder and creative director of Loft Design, this session will provide expert insights and methodologies. It represents a rare chance to enhance your understanding and connect with leading figures in the field. Ensure your participation by registering today for this enlightening discussion on design systems.

User-Centered Design Systems Panel Discussion Event Details

Date: March 20th

Time: 12:30 - 1:30pm EDT

Location: Online

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