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Forging the Future of Mobility - Panel Discussion

In this webinar, we will explore the impact of current technological advancements, such as self-driving vehicles, HMI, and software-defined vehicles (SDVs), along with the complexities of tech-enabled cities.


Gregor Mittersinker

May 30, 2024



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Forging the Future of Mobility - Panel Discussion

Date: June 20th

Time: 1 - 2 EDT

Location: Online

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Join us as we explore the impact of current technological advancements, such as self-driving vehicles, HMI, and software-defined vehicles (SDVs), along with the complexities of tech-enabled cities. We'll examine how humans adapt to the density of supercities and the dual influence of technology, from smart mobility solutions to the challenges they bring to urban landscapes. The session will highlight how businesses, communities, and technologies can flourish by prioritizing human-centric approaches. Human-centered ecosystems are not just a trend, but a crucial factor for fostering more inclusive, effective, and sustainable practices in the rapidly evolving fields of innovation and design. We will discuss best practices for researching and implementing comprehensive mobility solutions that optimize business performance and human adaptation. This is a conversation you don't want to miss.

With over a decade in engineering, data science, and product development, Mio Suzuki has spearheaded hardware and digital innovation projects at Trek Bicycle for the past three years. As the Director of Advanced Technologies, she leads a team delving into edge AI, spatial computing, and embedded digital electronics. Holding a master's degree in Engineering Physics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and dual bachelor's degrees in Chemical and Nuclear Engineering from UC Berkeley, she combines strategic foresight with entrepreneurial zeal to pioneer industry-leading solutions, emphasizing team cohesion and informed decision-making at Trek Bicycle.

Marty Laurita is a creative polymath with expertise spanning product, biotech, automotive, motion, and narrative design. Having spent nearly five years at Apple working on Vision Pro, Marty has recently embraced a new challenge as the Director of UI/UX at Rivian. In this role, he is dedicated to forging a greener, more adventurous future through innovative design solutions. Marty thrives on humanizing technology and transforming imaginative concepts into reality, continually grateful for the strong relationships and support that have fueled this journey.

Ain McKendrick, founder and CEO of Faction, is renowned for pioneering advanced products and technologies. With a robust career that includes being the VP of Engineering at Starsky Robotics—where he led the development of North America’s first completely driverless semi trucks—and the Senior Director of Netflix's partner products team, Ain has significantly shaped tech-driven consumer experiences. A co-founder of Palm Computing, he helped develop the original PalmPilot PDA. Ain, a Cal Poly graduate and Y Combinator alumni holds multiple patents across diverse tech sectors.

This webinar is tailored for entrepreneurs, innovators, designers, product developers, and those curious about how focusing on human needs can transform industries and improve the future of our planet. It's also advantageous for policymakers and community organizers looking for the best solutions to create more integrated and holistic urban policy. Hosted by Gregor Mittersinker, the founder and creative director of Loft Design, this event offers a prime chance to enhance your understanding and connect with leading authorities in the domain. Register today to join this enlightening discussion on the transformative potential of human-focused ecosystems. This is a unique opportunity to gain insights and network with like-minded professionals.

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Gregor Mittersinker


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Austrian-born Gregor is in his element while dissecting most complex business & technology challenges and creating their next level business outcomes.

Prior to starting Loft, Gregor led a Strategy & Design team at Accenture Interactive where he helped launch new multi-billion dollar businesses for global fortune 500 companies. He also led creative teams at Rollerblade, InMusic & Cross.

Outside of business hours he teaches Service Design & UX at RISD, and hosts a weekly think tank with global business & political leaders around the world.

He has worked in the US, Europe & Asia over the past 30 years has earned numerous design awards as well as holds well over 100 patents for product innovations around the globe.

A natural motivator, leader, collaborator, and innovator, the only thing that takes Gregor’s eyes off of design for long is his love for winter sports, kitesurfing and DJing in local clubs.

Many have tried to keep up with Gregor, few have succeeded.

Next level inspiration … Japanese wood craft and joinery, minimalist forms that are functional and proportioned.

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