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Pawsitively Creative UX Meetup

Loft, Figma, and PVD UX Meetup Host Workshop to Benefit Local Animal Rescue


Gregor Mittersinker

May 9, 2023




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Last month, Loft teamed up with Figma and Providence UX Meetup to host the first-ever PVD UX workshop. Led by talented product designer and Meetup member Masha Shaposhnikova, the workshop brought together twenty-five attendees who had the opportunity to network and learn how to build toast components while raising funds for Ten Lives Cat Rescue, a local animal shelter.

Over the course of the 1.5-hour workshop, participants not only learned how to build a toast component in Figma but also gained insights into the software's various features. These included auto-layout, varients, boolean component properties, absolute positioning, and smart animate for prototyping.

Figma also provided some fun swag for attendees, including branded socks, pins, and stickers. In addition, all participants received a six-month pro subscription to Figma!

The workshop wasn’t just about learning new skills and receiving fun swag. It was also an opportunity to give back to the community by supporting Ten Lives Cat Rescue and its important work. All proceeds from the event went directly to helping Gustavo and Samuel, two cats at the local shelter.

Loft, Figma, and PVD Meetup were thrilled by the success of the workshop, which provided attendees with a valuable learning opportunity and the chance to connect with other local designers. The team at Loft looks forward to hosting more events like this in the future and welcomes anyone in the design community to attend. By bringing together talented designers, networking opportunities, and a worthy cause, Loft was able to create a truly impactful event for our community.



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Austrian-born Gregor is in his element while dissecting most complex business & technology challenges and creating their next level business outcomes.

Prior to starting Loft, Gregor led a Strategy & Design team at Accenture Interactive where he helped launch new multi-billion dollar businesses for global fortune 500 companies. He also led creative teams at Rollerblade, InMusic & Cross.

Outside of business hours he teaches Service Design & UX at RISD, and hosts a weekly think tank with global business & political leaders around the world.

He has worked in the US, Europe & Asia over the past 30 years has earned numerous design awards as well as holds well over 100 patents for product innovations around the globe.

A natural motivator, leader, collaborator, and innovator, the only thing that takes Gregor’s eyes off of design for long is his love for winter sports, kitesurfing and DJing in local clubs.

Many have tried to keep up with Gregor, few have succeeded.

Next level inspiration … Japanese wood craft and joinery, minimalist forms that are functional and proportioned.

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