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Loft Design Travels To The University of Cincinnati for DAAPworks

Members of the Loft Design team ventured to the University of Cincinnati for their annual student showcase, DAAPworks. The showcase features promising designs from the university's talented design students, tackling and solving design challenges across all industries.


Jon Riehle

Apr 30, 2024




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The Loft team participated in critiques for the industrial design students, privileged to sit in on categories including Consumer Tech, Toys and Games, and Discursive Design. The Consumer Tech category showcased elevated design solutions with connected ecosystems, leveraging physical design and digital UI/UX solutions. The Discursive Design category addressed everyday sustainability and cultural understanding issues. The Toys and Games category presented playful, experiential designs with physical or digital product solutions. Overall, the Loft Design team was impressed with the outstanding work these students have accomplished. Their design thinking, conceptual development, and product visualization skills were among the best in the industry.

Congratulations to all graduating students for the hard work and effort they put into these incredible projects. A special shoutout goes to Loft’s former interns Brett Plunkett, Urvi Prabhu, Jon Wolfe, and Jamie Dee, all of whom had projects on display at DAAPworks. The future of design is bright!

Watch some highlights here!

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Jon Riehle

Senior Industrial Designer

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Jon thrives on designing products people love. He pays close attention to the smallest details and has a passion for sustainable products and innovative ways to help mitigate climate change.

Prior to Loft Design, Jon spent 5 years in the US and Europe designing at P&G for the Braun and Gillette brands. He was instrumental in developing products aiming to disrupt the shave care industry, leveraged large scaled 3D printing manufacturing, and designed Gillette’s first sustainable, recycled plastic razor.

At Loft Design, Jon is the bedrock of the design studio cultivating collaboration and inspiring confidence … and sometimes brings in muffins … which also inspire. We don’t question his methods.

Jon’s next level experience … using 3D printing for next level sustainability.

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