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Shaping HealthTech Futures with User Centered Design Recap

A panel discussion hosted around how to leverage user-centered design research and strategy to unlock meaningful HealthTech solutions


Gregor Mittersinker

Mar 25, 2024


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Shaping HealthTech Futures with User Centered Design Event Recap

Date: April 18th 2024

In this panel discussion, we talked about the evolution of human-centered design and emerging technologies in healthcare. This webinar featured a panel of seasoned experts in user-centered design research & strategy who explored the potential to revolutionize the standard of care, minimize risk, and improve patient outcomes.

Watch the recording here!

We delved into the intricate world of health tech and emerging care principles with our panel of experts:

Amy Lee is an innovation strategist who crafts strategies that advance the human experience. Her approach to transformation lies at the crossroads of understanding insights from customers, the business, and technological trends with a keen eye toward change management. She is currently an Upstream Marketing Director at Stryker where she’s applying that approach with a decade in consulting and other roles at big brands like Target, Miller Brewing, and Abbott.

John Anastasiadis serves as the Senior Director, of Human Factors+Design for Smith & Nephew, where he is leading and building Human Factors, Industrial Design, and UI/UX Design capabilities across global franchises: Sports Medicine, Orthopedics, Wound Management, and Robotics. John has earned multiple patents and awards for his pioneering work throughout his career. His leadership extends to advancing med-tech through impactful design while promoting design’s role in healthcare as Chair of the IDSA Medical Section.

Roshelle Ritzenthaler serves as Director of Service Design, Research, and Innovation at UW Health, the integrated health system of the University of Wisconsin serving more than 700,000 patients annually. As an early leader in human-centered design at UW Health, Roshelle is a champion for methods and models that cultivate human understanding and designing for care. To date, her team’s projects range from comprehensive care model redesign in oncology and women’s specialty care, to launching new digital health solutions.

The webinar delved into best practices, case studies, and tangible examples demonstrating the technology opportunity areas in health tech.

Led by Gregor Mittersinker, founder and creative director of Loft Design, this presented a unique opportunity to deepen your knowledge and engage with top experts in the field!

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Gregor Mittersinker


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Austrian-born Gregor is in his element while dissecting most complex business & technology challenges and creating their next level business outcomes.

Prior to starting Loft, Gregor led a Strategy & Design team at Accenture Interactive where he helped launch new multi-billion dollar businesses for global fortune 500 companies. He also led creative teams at Rollerblade, InMusic & Cross.

Outside of business hours he teaches Service Design & UX at RISD, and hosts a weekly think tank with global business & political leaders around the world.

He has worked in the US, Europe & Asia over the past 30 years has earned numerous design awards as well as holds well over 100 patents for product innovations around the globe.

A natural motivator, leader, collaborator, and innovator, the only thing that takes Gregor’s eyes off of design for long is his love for winter sports, kitesurfing and DJing in local clubs.

Many have tried to keep up with Gregor, few have succeeded.

Next level inspiration … Japanese wood craft and joinery, minimalist forms that are functional and proportioned.

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