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The Transformative Power of Human-Centered Ecosystems - Panel Discussion

Join us as we delve into how businesses, communities, and technologies can thrive by placing humans at the core of their processes.


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Apr 30, 2024


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The Transformative Power of Human-Centered Ecosystems Event Details

Date: May 28th

Time: 12:30 - 1:30pm EDT

Location: Online

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We will delve into how businesses, communities, and technologies can thrive by placing humans at the core of their processes. Human-centered ecosystems represent a pivotal shift towards more inclusive, effective, and sustainable practices in the dynamic world of innovation and design. This webinar explores best practices for researching and establishing holistic ecosystems, aiming to optimize outcomes for business success and successful human adaptation.

Robert Quintero is an innovation strategist with over 15 years in product design, who currently works as a Senior Design Manager at Amazon, leading the design vision for the Transportation and Recipient Experience group. He also advises at the University of Minnesota as a Product Design Board Member. Previously, he was the UX Design Director at 3M, launching initiatives like the Post-it App. Certified in UX Design for AR & VR, Robert focuses on innovative solutions and enhancing customer satisfaction at Amazon.

Clotilde Grimault leads Loft's product practice, focusing on its strategic direction and helping clients at the intersection of technology, data science, and business. Originally from France, she spent 12 years in the Netherlands as a Project Manager and Data and AI Lead for Phillips in the Male Grooming department, where she pioneered data and analytics efforts. Her career began as an aviation engineer at Agusta Aerospace Corporation before transitioning to Accenture in Boston, developing large-scale experiences.

Alisan Atvur is a seasoned veteran in the field of user experience and design thinking, with extensive experience across healthcare, digital ecosystems, and disease management. His work at Novo Nordisk and other leading organizations has significantly improved user experiences and operational efficiencies, reflecting his commitment to using design for social good. Alisan is also an avid speaker and influential contributor within the design community, advocating for sustainable, impactful solutions through design. His focus on chronic disease management and dedication to impactful design make him a respected figure in both the design and healthcare industries.

This webinar is ideal for business leaders, innovators, design thinkers, product developers, and anyone interested in how human-centric approaches can revolutionize industries and enhance societal outcomes. It's also beneficial for policymakers and community leaders seeking strategies to foster more connected and responsive environments. Led by Gregor Mittersinker, founder and creative director of Loft Design, this presents a unique opportunity to deepen your knowledge and engage with top experts in the field. Secure your spot now by registering for this insightful conversation on the transformational power of human-centered ecosystems.

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