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2022 Good Design Awards

Loft Wins 5 Good Design Awards


Gregor Mittersinker

Feb 14, 2023




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The 2022 Good Design Award winners have been declared, and Loft is honored and proud to announce that we have won! We were honored with five Good Design Awards for our contributions to the fields of music technology and corporate privacy solutions. The Good Design Awards Program, presented by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design and Metropolitan Arts Press Ltd., is the world's oldest and most prestigious awards program, recognizing the most innovative and cutting-edge industrial, product, and graphic designs produced worldwide.

Loft received five awards for their exceptional designs on the following products:

1. Sterling Audio’s Performance Series Microphones

2. Williams Symphony Concert Digital Grand

3. Sunhouse Sensory Percussion 2

4. Evans Sensory Percussion Sound System

5. 3M™ COMPLY™ Magnetic Attach for Monitors

Musician holding Sterling Audio Performance Series Microphones on Good Design Awards banner

1. Sterling Audio’s Performance Series Microphones

The Sterling Audio Performance Series Microphones were recognized for their improved full-frequency response for use on stage and in the studio—whether performing rock vocals, rhythmic rap freestyles, or precise voice-overs, these microphones will keep your musical performances clean, intelligible, and articulate. For maximum durability, the designs employ precision die-cast bodies that are nearly indestructible. The die-cast head assembly protects the capsule from the rigors of demanding performance environments, while the ergonomic grip and elongated, balanced body of the vocal mic make it easy and comfortable to handle during long stage sets. The mic is equipped with two other critical features, noise isolation and cancellation, for ensuring the highest-quality on-stage performances.

Williams Symphony Concert Digital Grand Piano rendering on Good Design Awards banner

2. The Williams Symphony Concert Digital Grand

The Williams Symphony Concert Digital Grand received recognition for its contemporary design, which combines modern features with a classic, timeless, and elegant aesthetic. The Symphony Concert is Williams' premium full-size, 88-note hammer-action digital concert piano. With 172 sounds, users can play virtually any instrument at the touch of a button. Its 256-note polyphony provides plenty of playing depth and realism, especially for more complicated passages or orchestrations. The piano has integrated educational software, which includes piano lessons at every level using popular songs and classic works. Learn at your own pace, or join real instructors via the integrated app. The lessons work with the Symphony Concert’s keyboard lights for custom-guided feedback. The full-color LEDs on the Symphony Concert can also highlight which notes to play and give feedback on wrong notes.

Sunhouse Sensory Percussion 2 user interface on Good Design Awards banner

3. Sunhouse Sensory Percussion 2

Loft received their third Good Design Award for the Sunhouse Sensory Percussion 2, a creative tool designed for drummers and producers that combines advanced drumming technology with a user-friendly interface. Sensory Percussion 2 is a system that augments an acoustic drum kit, allowing drummers to produce sounds and textures that respond to the nuance of their unique playing style in a way no electronic drum kit or trigger system has been able to do. This system has been adopted by drummers such as Marcus Gilmore, Glenn Kotche (Wilco) and Ian Chang (Son Lux). Starting in 2020, the Sensory Percussion software was completely redesigned to maximize both flexibility and usability. The Perform workflow allows novice users to play different presets and see how their playing affects the sounds in real time. The Edit workflow lets expert users create their own complex soundscapes. The Deep Sound Editor allows drummers to control each sound based on sensory input from the drum kit. Timbre, hit velocity, and playing speed can be mapped through the software’s many parameters, including sample length, pitch, reverb tail, turning on or off a backing track, resetting a loop, and more.

Evans Sensory Percussion Sound System product rendering on Good Design Awards banner

4. Evans Sensory Percussion Sound System

The Evans Sensory Percussion Sound System was also honored for its innovative design, Building on a partnership that started with making mesh drumheads for Sensory Percussion, Sunhouse and Evans teamed up to make an all-in-one Sensory Percussion system, which includes Evans Drums Sensors and the Evans Portal, an audio interface designed for drummers. The Evans Drum Sensor’s versatile design securely clamps to any style of hooped drum, meaning you can use the same sensor on a snare, tom, or bass drum. The Evans Portal has 7 drum sensor inputs, and other inputs for gear like synths, microphones, and guitars, making it a workhorse in both the studio and on stage.

Person using 3M Comply Magnetic attach for monitors on Good Design Awards banner

5. 3M™ COMPLY™ Magnetic Attach for Monitors

Finally, the 3M™ COMPLY™ Magnetic Attach for Monitors received a Good Design Award for its innovative design In the new world of hybrid work culture, keeping company information safe is important no matter where your employees work. Privacy screens are a great way to keep computer screens safe from passersby, but they can be a nuisance for some employees. The 3M Comply Magnetic system is the ultimate solution for the employee on the move. They are specially designed to fit a variety of monitor sizes. They are thin and sleek to not add extra bulk to the monitor screen and distract employees. The magnetic attachment can easily be attached and removed without causing any damage. Traditional privacy screens are not reusable—once they are removed from the computer screen they must be thrown out. The Comply Magnetic Strip System eliminates the single-use element of privacy screens, making it stand out when it comes time to collaborate and share your screen with other team members.

Loft's winning of five Good Design Awards is a testament to our company's commitment to delivering exceptional products that meet the needs of its users. With a focus on innovation and quality, Loft is poised to continue its leadership in a range of industries. Thanks to The Guitar Center Company, 3M, D'Addario & Company, Inc., and Sunhouse Technologies, Inc. for allowing us to be a part of their incredible products, as well as to our hardworking and dedicated team; these awards would not have been possible without you!


Sterling Audio Performance Series Microphones:

Williams Symphony Concert Digital Grand:

Sunhouse Sensory Percussion 2:

Evans Sensory Percussion Sound System:

3M™ COMPLY™ Magnetic Attach for Monitors:

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