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Health-Tech Networking Event: Recap

Thank you for making our health-tech networking event a success! We had a great time meeting everyone in person again for engaging discussions on UX and Industrial Design.


Gregor Mittersinker

Nov 27, 2023



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It was wonderful to see everyone on November 2nd for the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) Medical section and Loft Design's Health Tech Mixer! Thank you for all the old and new friends we got to meet—we hope you had as much fun as we did!

Here's an event recap video sharing some of the moments from the event. Please feel free to spread the love and share it with your friends! If you're interested in more such events and insider insights, you can sign up for Loft's newsletter here or connect with us on LinkedIn! We would love to see you in our upcoming events!

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Gregor Mittersinker


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Austrian-born Gregor is in his element while dissecting most complex business & technology challenges and creating their next level business outcomes.

Prior to starting Loft, Gregor led a Strategy & Design team at Accenture Interactive where he helped launch new multi-billion dollar businesses for global fortune 500 companies. He also led creative teams at Rollerblade, InMusic & Cross.

Outside of business hours he teaches Service Design & UX at RISD, and hosts a weekly think tank with global business & political leaders around the world.

He has worked in the US, Europe & Asia over the past 30 years has earned numerous design awards as well as holds well over 100 patents for product innovations around the globe.

A natural motivator, leader, collaborator, and innovator, the only thing that takes Gregor’s eyes off of design for long is his love for winter sports, kitesurfing and DJing in local clubs.

Many have tried to keep up with Gregor, few have succeeded.

Next level inspiration … Japanese wood craft and joinery, minimalist forms that are functional and proportioned.

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