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Loft Recognized in IDSA Innovation’s 2023 Yearbook of Design Excellence

It's a delight to share that Loft's collaboration with Sunhouse Technologies Inc, and D'Addario & Company Inc. has been recognized in IDSA Innovation Magazine’s Fall 2023 Yearbook of Design Excellence edition!


Saloni Bedi

Nov 15, 2023




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It's a delight to share that Loft's collaboration with Sunhouse Technologies Inc, and D'Addario & Company Inc. has been recognized in IDSA Innovation Magazine’s Fall 2023 Yearbook of Design Excellence edition!

The annual Yearbook of Design Excellence issue celebrates the products that enrich our lives and the designers who help create them. The winners and featured finalists of the 43rd International Design Excellence Awards demonstrate industrial design’s enduring value across business and society, while the recipients of the 2023 IDSA Awards recognize the people in the design community who demonstrate beyond a doubt that committed individuals can make a huge impact through their work and dedication.

The Sensory Percussion Sound System, including the Evans Portal audio interface, drum sensors, and Sensory Percussion software

At Loft, we've always believed that innovation is at the heart of progress. Our partnership with Sunhouse and D'Addario is a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the world of music and technology.

Sensory Percussion™ is a patented system for drummers that transforms an acoustic instrument into a powerful controller for digital music making. Sensory Percussion™ gives drummers the ability to control electronics with their drumsticks, opening up a completely new avenue for creativity and music-making.

Loft collaborated with Evans and Sunhouse to create a comprehensive brand experience combining the legendary Evans brand with Sensory Percussion. The Evans Portal brand establishes Evans further as a true innovator and innovative technology partner for professional musicians all around the world. The cohesive brand experience includes Brand, Hardware, UX, OOBE (Out Of Box Experience), and Brand and product Visualizations to support the brand.

Photo of the feature of Loft’s work on the Sensory Percussion Sound System with a writeup in the Innovation Magazine

It's an honor to be acknowledged alongside some of the most innovative companies and designs in the world. We couldn't have achieved this milestone without the unwavering support of our incredible partners, Sunhouse Technologies Inc and D'Addario & Company Inc.

You can learn more about the Evans Hybrid Sensory Percussion System here! Stay tuned as we continue to innovate and push the boundaries of creativity and technology.

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Saloni Bedi

Industrial Designer

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In her research and design work, Saloni believes that products aren't discarded because they have no value; rather, they're replaced because they fail to keep up with people and their needs. This realization has led her to focus on developing products and experiences that evolve with the user while remaining empathetic to how they can improve lives.As an industrial designer, Saloni is passionate about bringing together design, engineering, and business to tackle some of the most pressing challenges around us. She has worked in a variety of fields, including social innovation, healthcare, sustainable product development, and consumer products.

Prior to Loft, Saloni got her master’s degree at MIT where she saw how the design process can be a key component to bring state-of-the-art solutions can to life. Her work at MIT ranged from conducting user research in zero gravity to make space more inclusive at the Media Lab, developing accessible pregnancy tests for people with vision impairments, and measuring the body's hydration levels at the Gray lab, IMES.

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