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Lego and Loft Announce Groundbreaking Collaboration

Lego and Loft have partnered to present a once-in-a-lifetime collaboration.


Gregor Mittersinker

Apr 1, 2024




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Lego and Loft Announce Groundbreaking Collaboration

In an exciting development for fans of design and construction, Lego, the global leader in playful learning and building, has partnered with Loft, one of the world's most innovative product design agencies, to present a once-in-a-lifetime collaboration. This partnership aims to bring the intricate world of product design into the homes and hands of people worldwide, blending creativity, education, and fun in a unique experience.

The collaboration unveils an exclusive Lego set that invites enthusiasts to delve into the life-like details of working at Loft, a beacon of creativity and design excellence. Builders of all ages can look forward to experiencing amusing moments that mirror the real-life excitement and challenges of constructing a product design studio. This set not only aims to entertain but also to educate, offering a rare glimpse into the meticulous design process through step-by-step instructions, just as Loft’s designers would follow.

An integral part of this collaboration is the introduction of collectible characters, representing Loft's talented team. These mini-figures are designed with a keen eye for detail, reflecting the diverse personalities and roles within the agency. Collectors and fans are encouraged to style their Loft characters according to the latest design trends, making each figure a customizable and fashionable piece of the design world.

This unique partnership between Lego and Loft is more than just a merging of two brands; it's an invitation to explore the creativity, challenges, and joys of product design. Through building and play, this collaboration seeks to inspire the next generation of designers, architects, and creative thinkers, proving that the world of design is as accessible as it is fascinating.

Lego and Loft are thrilled to offer this immersive experience to both young and old, promising not only hours of engaging play but also an educational journey into the heart of product design. The Lego x Loft collaboration set is expected to be a hit among Lego enthusiasts, design aficionados, and those who cherish the creativity and innovation that both brands represent.


The Lego x Loft collaboration set will be available for purchase through Lego’s official website, Loft's online platform, and select retailers worldwide. For more information on the release date and pricing, please visit Lego's website or Loft's homepage.

Happy April Fools' Day!

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